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Celery Seed Extract

Celery Seed Extract contains Apigenin, which is helpful to lower blood pressure and blood fat and improve blood circulation. Celery Seed Extract is usually used to make health care products, anti-impotence products and so on.

Celery Seed Extract

Celery seed is one of the lesser-known herbs in Western herbal medicine. However, it has been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world for a variety of reasons. Celery Seed Extract is a natural dietary supplement that supports the circulatory system. It has been known to help lower blood pressure and improve circulation in people who are suffering from Hypertension. It may also help prevent male impotence if applied to the skin.

Product Name: Celery Seed Extract Powder
Active Ingredients: Apigenin 98% 10:1 HPLC / TLC
Appearance: 80 Mesh Yellow Powder
Use Part : Seed
Package: 1-5KG Packaged with Aluminum Foil Bags; 10KG or 25KG packaged with cartons
Guarantee Period: 2 Years

Information of Celery Seed Extract
Celery seed extract has been widely used in natural alternative medicine in many cultures and generations. Studies show that celery seed extract has positive effect onn blood pressure and cholesterol. Additionally, celery seed extract is used to aid digestion, improve joint function and relieve anxiety. Celery seed is most often taken to aid in the maintenance of healthy joints. Celery seed can also ease joint discomfort that occurs due to inflammation, and it is mainly used for relief of symptoms, such as arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Celery seed has antiseptic property that makes it useful to the health of the urinary tract and its diuretic property helps relieve fluid retention.

Application of Celery Seed Extract
1. Applied in pharmaceuticals.
2. Applied in health products.

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