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Rice Bran Extract

Gamma Oryzanol Powder or Oryzanol Powder, the white fine powder extracted from rice bran oil, is widely used in skin care products, drugs and food supplement for beauty and the treatment of hyperlipidemia, menopausal syndrome, and digestive diseases etc.

Rice Bran Extract Gamma Oryzanol Powder

Information of Gamma Oryzanol Powder

Product Name:Rice Bran Extract, Oryzanol Powder, Gamma Oryzanol Powder
Molecular Formula:C40H58O4
CAS No.:11042-64-1
Used Part: Rice Bran Oil
Appearance:80 Mesh White Fine Powder
Active Ingredients: 99% Gamma Oryzanol HPLC
Package:1-5kg Aluminum Foil Bag; 10kg or 25kg Paper Drum
Shelf Life:2 Years
Storage:Sealed, Placed in cool and dry place at room temperature, keeping away from light.

Gamma Oryzanol Powder is extracted from rice bran oil, which is a type of light yellow to brown yellow rice oil with good nutritional value. Gamma Oryzanol Powder, composed of ferulic acid and sitostanol, is helpful for reducing cholesterol and blood lipids, improving digestion, regulating endocrine and vegetative nerve, assisting sleep and anti-aging.

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Application of Rice Bran Extract, Oryzanol Powder
1. Applied in health product field.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field.
3. Applied in skin care product.

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