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Kacip Fatimah Extract

Kacip Fatimah Extract, similar to Tongkat Ali Extract, is one of the best health products for women. It can regulate internal secretion, improve sexual performance, smooth skin and so on.

Kacip Fatimah Extract

Kacip Fatimah Extract is made from the whole herb of Labisia Pumila, which grwows in tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. Kacip Fatimah is regarded as one of the most valuable herbs in Malaysia, and it is widely used for breast enlargement, skin care, treatment of diseases during menstrual period.

Product Name: Kacip Fatimah Extract
Appearance: Brown Powder
Active Ingredient: Kacip Fatimah Extract Powder 10:1, 20:1, 30:1
Package: 1-5KG Packaged with Aluminum Foil Bags; 10KG or 25KG packaged with cartons
Guarantee Period: 2 Years

Information of Kacip Fatimah Extract
Kacip Fatimah Extract contains estrogen, and it is helpful to regulate internal secretion for women, thus it will improve cell activity, smooth skin and prolong life. It is also used to treat menorrhalgia.

Appliaction of Kacip Fatimah Extract
1. Applied in health products.
2. Applied in pharmaceuticals.

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