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Onion Extract

Onion Extract Powder has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It can accelerate wound healing. The Onion Extract can also be used for skin care. Besides it can help lower blood pressure.

Onion Extract

Onion is a very normal plant in China,it raw material always be directly eat by people, because it has some good health care funtions,it's active ingredient is quercetin,rich in sulphur compounds. Onion extract have function of is antibacterial, antiseptic, diaphoretic, diuretic, galactogogue, stomachic, vermifuge and vulnerary. it is also used in the treatment of colds and abdominal coldness and fullness. Use of the onion bulb in the diet impedes internal parasites. Externally, onion can be made into a poultice to drain pus from sores, boils and abscesses.

Product Name: Onion Extract Powder
Latin Name: Allium cepa L.
Specification: Ratio Extract 10:1 20:1, Quercetin, TLC
Appearance:  Brown Powder
Package: 1-5KG Packaged with Aluminum Foil Bags; 10KG or 25KG packaged with cartons
Guarantee Period: 2 Years

Information of Onion Extract
Onion is a term used for many plants in the genus Allium. it usually refers to Allium cepa. Allium cepa is also known as the "garden onion" or "bulb" onion. Onion is grown underground by the plant as a vertical shoot that is used for food storage.
Wide-ranging claims have been made for the effectiveness of onion against conditions ranging from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases. Onion contain chemical compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anticancer, and antioxidant properties such as quercetin. For all varieties of onions, the more phenols and flavonoids they contain, the more antioxidant and anti-cancer activity they provide And Some studies have shown that increased consumption of onion reduces the risk of head and neck cancer.

Application of Onion Extract
1. Applied as beauty products, white onion powder is an functional anti-oxidants and anti-aging.
2. Applied as food additives, white onion powder added to the food to make it more delicious.
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, white onion powder has effect on blood pressure and blood sugar.

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