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Nut Grass Extract

Nut Grass Extract is also known as Cyperus Rotundus extract or Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome. The acrid, sweet, slightly bitter and neutral herb has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as antibiotic, anti-inflammation, anti-pyretic agent and to lower blood pressure, inhibit the contraction of uterus, regulates menses, treat ulcers, etc. by enhancing the functions of liver and the triple burner channels.

Nut Grass Extract

Nut Grass Extract is mainly used in the treatment of stagnation of the liver blood characterized by distending pain in the chest, hypochondria and epigastrium, indigestion, feeling of stuffiness in the chest and epigastrium, abdominal colic, distending pain in the breast, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea.

Product Name: Nut Grass Extract
Latin Name: Cyperus Rotundus
Appearance: Brown Powder
Active Ingredient: Fucoxanthin 10%, 40%, 98% UV
Package: 1-5KG Packaged with Aluminum Foil Bags; 10KG or 25KG packaged with cartons
Guarantee Period: 2 Years

Information of Nut Grass Extract
Cyperus rotundus is the world's worst invasive weed through tubers. Its success in dominating natural habitats depends on its ability to prevent herbivory, and to kill or suppress other plants growing in its vicinity.Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome is the dried rhizome of Cyperus rotundus L.

Application of Nut Grass Extract
1. Pharmaceutical stuff;
2. Functional food and food additive;
3. Cosmetics additive;

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