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Black Soybean Peel Extract

The active ingredient of black beans,nthocyanidins are common plant pigments. They are the sugar-free counterparts of anthocyanins based on the flavylium ion or 2-phenylchromenylium, which is a type of oxonium ion (chromenylium is referred also to as benzopyrylium). They form a large group of polymethine dye. In particular anthocyanidins are salt derivatives of the 2-phenylchromenylium cation, also known as flavylium cation.

Black Soybean Peel Extract

The Black soybean lies in northeast of China, and now fostered all over the world. It is the black skin of soja belonged to leguminous plants. It is reported that in Anthocyanin, cyanidin-3-glucoside is the most active and in Black Soybean Hull Extract, more than 96% of Anthocyanin is cyanidin-3-glucoside.

Product Name: Black Soybean Peel Extract

Latin Name: Glycinemax(L.)merr

Appearance: Purple red fine powder

Active Ingredient: Anthocyanidins, anthocyanins 5%, 10%, 25% UV, HPLC

Package: 1-5KG Packaged with Aluminum Foil Bags; 10KG or 25KG packaged with cartons

Guarantee Period: 2 Years

Information of Black Soybean Peel Extract

Recent research has shown that black beans provide special support for digestive tract health, and particularly our colon. The indigestible fraction (IF) in black beans has recently been shown to be larger than the IF in either lentils or chickpeas. It has been shown to be the perfect mix of substances for allowing bacteria in the colon to produce butyric acid. Cells lining the inside of the colon can use this butyric acid to fuel their many activities and keep the lower digestive tract functioning properly. By delivering a greater amount of IF to the colon, black beans are able to help support this lower part of our digestive tract. Lowered colon cancer risk that is associated with black bean intake in some research studies may be related to the outstanding IF content of this legume.

Application of Black Soybean Peel Extract

1. Due to its high water solubility, it can be used in liquid preparation.

2. Due to its Natural coloring, it can be used in Candy and Jelly manufacturing.

3. It also can be used in soft gel capsule and tablet processing.

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